About us

ISSI provides a full range of IT solutions to the Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB) market. We have partnered with the leading providers of software and systems to bring to you the right solution for your needs today with the right options to grow when you need it. Our current goal is to obtain partnership technical certifications to better serve our customers and to elevate our company abvoe the din of other consulting providers. The partnerships we intend to achieve include:

Infrastructure Partnerships


VMWare Professional Partner

We are a VMware Professional Partner, and we're working with VMware to devise the optimum product mix for us to better serve our clients. Estimated 2010Q4


Microsoft Registered Partner

We are a newly registered Microsoft Partner and we're working to achieve the corresponding Specializations and Partner Certification, as the case may be. Estimated, 2010Q4


Ubuntu Silver Partner

Our customers want solutions that work and many times will not agree to vendor lock-in. As such we honor their requests with Open Source solutions from Operating Systems for Servers and Desktops to Specialized Applications that run on Windows, Solaris or on Linux Platforms. To this effect, we are seeking partnership with Canonical, the providers of the leading Linux installation: Ubuntu. Estimated 2011Q1.


Citrix Silver Partner

Again, one of the forces shaping the new IT infrastructure environment is Citrix. From Virtualization Solutions to, most importantly, desktop virtualization and application virtualization, Citrix provides you with the advantage to reduce hardware costs, software licensing costs, energy footprint, and administration complexity. We look forward to become a Citrix partner toward 2011Q2


Cisco Select Partner

Finally, the keystone to providing you with a one-stop solution center: Cisco Select Partnership Certification. This would certify us to install, configure and manage your networking solution and Internet connectivity. We would be able to give you the best routing design, capacity management, virtual network integration, telecommuting options, security and managed access within both physical and virtual infrastructures. We have a strong commitment to give you a complete line of IT solutions. Estimated 2011Q3


Untangle Partner

Additionally, ISSI, has partnered with Untangle. Untangle delivers an integrated family of applications that simplify and consolidate the network and security products that businesses need at the network gateway. All Untangle apps are:
* Pre-configured to work right away
* Downloadable for rapid deployment
* Guaranteed to be integrated and run seamlessly on the Untangle Gateway Platform
See more of Untangles products available through ISSI.