ISSI, Inc. provides a complete line of IT services, from infrastructure virtualization and system administration to system and application installations, user training and user support. Our services are backed by years of experience, commitment to Quality, on-time, on-budget deliveries and world-class support. We align IT solutions with our clients' business strategies and extract IT productivity for their lines of business. Our services include Infrastructure Virtualization, System Administration, Application Platforms and Business Solutions, Disaster Prevention and Recovery, User Training, and User Support.


Infrastructure Virtualization


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ISSI provides Virtualization solutions to the Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB) market. We additionally provide a service to remotely manage your virtualized environment.


HW & SW System Upgrades


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We work with you to reach the proper upgrade paths: from virtual desktops to thin clients to new PC hardware to newer operating systems, all based on your business requirements.


Application Platforms and Business Solutions


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There are new tools that help you maximize opportunities, from CRM and SFA to Business Intelligence and Data Mining applications that let visualize opportunities. We will work with you to future proof your business.


Disaster Prevention and Recovery


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We work with you to devise the optimum balance of preparation that matches your business. We then help you devise procudures to prevent system and data loss the recovery process as well.


Employee Training


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We strive to bring your staff onboard. This allows your staff to overcome resistance to change and adopt new procedures and practices with the confidence that they can perform all the new tasks as expected.


User Support


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We stand behind our work. We provide you with an outsourced model of network and infrastructure support and more importantly, user support that minimizes your need to have your own IT department. Thus freeing your resources to do what they do best: Growing your business.