Application Platforms and Business Solutions


IT is evolving. It's no longer about the old static files where your data resides idly. There are new tools that help you maximize opportunities, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Salesforce Automation (SFA) to help you capitalize your sales cycle faster, to Business Intelligence and Data Mining applications that let you "model" your customer and order data, to literally visualize it and see the opportunities hidden therein. Equally, workflow and collaboration applications let your employees become truly Information Workers who are better prepared to respond to business challenges and able to see how to best utilize their common resources and how to deliver above expectations. This all translates into customer acquisition, product or service development, maximizing same-customer sales, and customer retention. We will work with you in reviewing all the available options to future proof your business. And we will help you develop them. Whatever area we don't know, we bring capable specialists affiliated with our network to implement it. After all, since the competition will do this sooner or later; our customers may as well be first to market!